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We Invent, They Copy. Why?

Let’s look at our history. We have made every advance in this industry. Everyone else copies us. So who do you think makes the best products? Who motorcycles and who stands next to one?
Let’s see what we have done and what was copied:
A list of items we developed that are now used by others in this business.

  1. We made the first solid state controller that is now copied by everyone else in the business.
  2. We developed an SAE connector that was not so tight it pulled over the bike.
  3. Then we developed the resistance wire that when doubled over did not melt for guess who.
  4. We were the first to use the auto style fuse with a waterproof cap.
  5. Then we developed the panel system that kept the resistance wires separated.
  6. Our first liner design had the stretch panels in them that we have become famous for now copied by at least two other companies.
  7. We developed the coax connectors that most people use now.
  8. We developed the pocket in the sleeve for the glove plug that you know who copied.
  9. We then developed the zippered pocket in the sleeve for the glove plugs that have now been copied.
  10. We developed the plug system so all our liners would be able to use single or dual heat-trollers, that someone copied.
  11. We put a zipper in our liner just in case someone needed to get it to work on it and they copied that idea.
  12. Our old controller design that most companies use is a copy of our old design relying on a thermal fuse or a current fuse to protect the user. Our new design does not. If you short or overload all the others they will die. Ours just turns off.
  13. We have now started using the mini fuse in our battery harness and a real plug to seal the end of the connector.
  14. We will have the first liner with safety features and the new heating system in the Gen 4. And I am sure that they will copy this.
  15. The remote control heat-troller. You know they will try to copy that.
  16. We were just at a Vendor show and guess who just copied our reverse polarity LED. It starts with a G!