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WaterProof Men's Heated Liner in Colors!

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Product Description

New Waterproof & Breathable Heated Liner using Gelanots!
In Colors!
110 Watts at 13.8V of Heat using our NEW Soft Heat Pure Science Heating Method
Reflective "Illuminite" to keep safe at night when wearing it as a jacket (See Photo)
Waterproof  Breathable Gelanots Stretch Panels on the outside to keep heat against the body
Anti-bacterial Stretch Panels on the inside to keep heat against the body
Locker Hang Loop and Chest Pocket
Pocket in Pocket Designed for to take the Remote Heat-troller
Single or Dual Controller Functionality
Tall Size is 2 inches (50mm) Longer Body, 1.5 inch (35mm) Longer Sleeves

All Our Heated Gear should be used with an optional Heat-troller

Liner Size Chart

The Men's Heated Liner Jacket produces 90 Watts of heat with a draw of 7.5A at 12.8v. Believe it or not there are those that do not realize that the motorcycle or ATV when running actually can put our up to 15.25Volts. That means the liner will actually produce more heat with the vehicle running than with the engine turned off. You will see us sometimes using 12.8V and sometimes 13.8V in talking about the Watts of heat and the Amps of draw. Don't get confused, it is just a base line for reference. So if you are going to test our heated gear, do so with the engine running to get the right Voltage and Amps to simulate being on the road.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great replacement for older Gerbing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Feb 2017

    The fit and quality of this jacket are outstanding. The materials make it easy to put the jacket on and off and easy to put my Klim overshell on over without bunching or sticking. The fit is very close to the body without unnecessary extra material and the stretch panels are a welcome feature for this old dude with some extra weight around my middle.

    And heat output is amazing. I just finished an 8 hour ride in temperatures below freezing for most of the ride and I was never cold. I actually now wear a relatively thick long sleeve undershirt underneath the jacket, on my first ride I only wore a thin t shirt and the heated liner can actually get too hot for comfort on the skin. I also really like the Heat-Troller (I got the one you wire to the bike directly as opposed to the battery option), this requires a bit of extra wire routing but was easy even on my 1200 BMW GSA LC.

    The Warm n Safe coaxial connector is great! Easy to plug in and if I forget to unplug when jumping off the bike it unplugs easily and doesn't yank the cord, this is very well designed indeed.

    I haven't had to test the waterproofness yet but I am sure that will come with time.

    The controller in the pocket is nice and flat and I do not feel it at all even though the jacket is snug thanks to my ever expanding waistline.

    Highly recommended, I am glad I came across your jacket (heard about it on ADVRIDER) as my Gerbing is old and worn, and I had seen somewhat mixed reviews on their new model.

    Only potential downside (not really a disadvantage) is the high output can cause issues on bikes with smaller alternators or if you run other accessories. My BMW GSA LC has warning lights if your system voltage drops below 12.3V and I have had this happen occasionally when running all my accessory lights, heated grips on high and jacket at 100%. Granted, I am running a lot more accessories than most, but if your bike does not have a meter that monitors charging system voltage you might want to add one.

  2. Generation WP Jacket - as good as it gets 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2016

    I love my W&S gear. So much so that when my Gen4 jacket was destroyed in a crash, a replacement was one of the first purchases I made. I chose the WP model this time because there were a few times I actually wore the jacket off the bike and in the rain. I highly recommend W&S's products and have never seen anything higher quality.

  3. Very nice jacket! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2016

    this jacket is my first piece of heated gear, so i can't compare to other offerings by other companies. i went with warmnsafe because their fabric seemed more advanced and a little nicer looking than "the other folks." i went with this jacket because i wanted gear that would a great underlayer even without the juice turned on.

    when the temperature drops below freezing i don't ride much. At 40 degrees F this jacket keeps me warm even without using any current. at 27 degrees and highway speeds i'm warm and toasty with the heatroller set at 1/3 of max. i'm used to being out and about at this temp, but that setting means this jacket should work for anyone. for what it's worth i wear only a thin tech-fabric tee shirt, this jacket, and the Revtt Cayenne coat.

    At 50 degrees this jacket gets a little sweaty for my taste. also it's definitely not a "breathable" fabric -- and it's not supposed to be!!!

    the jacket fits very well and is very comfortable. it looks good too, and works well "off-bike" . the wiring is unobtrusive, and the upper pocket has room for my skinny wallet and a plus-sized smart phone.

    it's definitely a 300 dollar jacket. i don't imagine it keeps me much warmer than a plain old electric vest would, but i wanted a fall-to-spring packable layer of clothing. i'll ride 10 to 20 times this year at temps that justify the heating elements, and i believe the jacket should provide 10 years of service with no problems.

    as i say, it's a very nice jacket!

  4. WOW. This is very well thought out. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Oct 2015

    pockets, zippers and wire runs are all ideal. The receiver has its own pocket and it sits in the nice location that is never in the way. button holes allow easy running of wires into the jacket. A zippered access to the inside allows easy wire management.

    The jacket heats up fast. No complaints on the heat. It is just great.

    Ridden in temps down to the high 30's and a synthetic T-short, this liner and my armored jacket are all I needed. The reduced bulk over a typical layering for the same temps is far more comfortable and when you turn off the heat, you can go into a building and not start to overheat.

    My outer jacket is waterproof, so I can not vouch for this one. However, it defends from the wind quite well. Taking my jacket off usually allows the wind into my layers. With the liner zipped up, I could not feel any air. That is huge in keeping the heat in.

    All the little pockets and the direction which the zippers operate make managing the connectors easy. I don't find putting the liner on and connecting pants and gloves all that difficult. Heck, the added bulk of layers is usually more time consuming.

    You can tell that this liner has been the result of real life use.

    I was worried about the amperage, but since I can run this liner at 50% or less, it really does not put that much of a load on my electrical system. I'm sure if it was a lot colder I'd need to turn it up, but I'd also be adding a light fleece over the liner too.

    This garment has really made my cold weather riding a lot more comfortable.

    I did look at other options and feel that the Warm and Safe offering was better in almost every feature. In some cases, the competition seemed to "me too". in other cases, the competition was more bulky or didn't seem as well fitted. There is also a lot of marketing BS by other companies. None of that is going to keep you warm out on the road.

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