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Riding the World

I started Riding in Europe in 1992 on a Honda 500. I spent two months there riding from the UK to Ireland, back to the UK, over to France and then to Germany. I left too late in the year and spent most of the trip in the rain and cold. It was the wrong bike. Crap suspension, lack of power, bad brakes. Yes, i have met people riding the world on a 125cc bike but that is the way they want to travel. For me i wanted something more. 

I ended up selling the bike off to a shop in Germany. But that adventure convinced me of two things. First, as i was freezing riding over the mountains with pairs of socks over my gloved hands. As I sat at times on the bike screaming my anger at the rain, which by the way does not care what you think, i realized that if i was going to do this again i needed heated clothing. Soon After that I realized how bad the heated clothing on the market was and i began, with help from Don and Sue, to create the gear we sell. Oh and the second thing. that i was going to do this again.

Below are a few of the stories. In 1993 I rode a PC800 a round the US for 7 weeks hitting as many rallies as i could. In 1994 I bought my first of eight GTS 1000A motorcycles that would become my bike of choice for the next 20 years and began what turned out to be a yearly migration back to Europe to ride. For 8 years we not only rode in the summers in Europe but stayed on the rode in the US, Mexico and Central America. Switching bikes, staying in touch with customers, designing new products and having adventures.

Like i said, these are a few of the stories. some day i will take the time to get at least the photos from the other trips digitized and on line.

The Ride from Berlin to Cyprus 1996 to make a Point 

Riding Europe 2003

Riding Europe 2010 

Riding in Tunisia