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Generation 3 Heated Liners

The Generation 3 Heated Liner a step up from our Gen 2 and hardly a step down from the 4. Using most of the same material as the Gen 4 liner, it is only short the reflective and uses an alloy based heating system rather than the Soft Heat.

As always, the design for the Men's and Women's Liners are different, because Men's & Women's needs are different. All our heated clothing is designed that way.

The outside shell is made of wind stopping, water repellant, wicking, breathable microfiber polyester. The Gelanots stretch material keeps the liner tight to the body while blocking the wind. The inside shell is nylon taffeta, breathable, soft & smooth so it slides over your clothing along with spandex anti-bacterial side panels. These materials are not chosen because they get through customs cheap but because they work the best.

Like all of our heated liners, there are zippered hand pockets. Hidden in small zippered pockets are integrated plugs for connecting gloves and pants. No more dangly cords when sipping coffee at the cafe. As in all our heated liners there is the high heated collar, heat in the chest, upper back and lower back and arms.

Our Generation 3 liner can use both the older heat-trollers and the new remote versions with pocket in the pocket design.

And they are Warm! The Men's Heated Liner Jacket produces 90 Watts of heat with a draw of 7.5A at 12.8v. The Women's Heated Liner Jacket produces 90 Watts of heat with a draw of 7.A at 12.8v. Believe it or not there are those that do not realize that the motorcycle or ATV when running actually can put our up to 15.25Volts. That means the liner will actually produce more heat with the vehicle running than with the engine turned off. You will see us sometimes using 12.8V and sometimes 13.8V in talking about the Watts of heat and the Amps of draw. Don't get confused, it is just a base line for reference. So if you are going to test our heated gear, do so with the engine running to get the right Voltage and Amps to simulate being on the road.

All Our Heated Gear should be used with an optional Heat-troller