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Dual Remote Mounted Heat-troller

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Product Description

This is a new product based on our Remote Control Heat-troller. Eliminates having to run the cable to the controller
A Whole New Platform Technology - Beyond Xtreme to Version X(i)-Remote!
Replaces the Old Mounted Heat-troller and gives you a lot more for less work!

Battery Tender Adapter Set - This is a 2 adapter set of cables to convert the Battery Tender battery harness and Battery Tender device to Coax connection making it easier to use and to make it easierr to plug our heated gear into. Everyone knows that for the old style SAE connector to make a good connection it needs to fit tight. Those who have had the experiance knows what a pain it is to unplug the connection. By putting these cables on and leaving them you now have a more efficient connection and yet one that unplugs without damaging your hand or the bike

Warning: If you are going to do this then swap the fuse in the Tender cable with the one you received with the Heat-troller battery harness, so it will handle the draw. You need at least 15A fuse in the battery harness.

Two Knobs Control the heat levels with full on and full off and everywhere in between!
Solid State, High Tech, Safe & Reliable Electronics designed by us
Switch and LED designed for Panel Mounting
Mounts out of sight providing a clean installation
Red and Yellow LED for Heat Level Feedback
Plug compatible with most DC heated Gear
Handles 15 amps at 13 volts with internal reset for overloads & shorts
Comes with the Battery Harness
These have a 3 year replacement warranty
Please read: This is not a 2 for 1 deal! This Heat-troller is designed for 1 person to control 2 sections of heated clothing only.

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Product Reviews

  1. Remote Heat Troller Works Great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2013

    I installed the dual remote heat troller to be used with the new Gen 4 liner I purchased. Works great! Easy install. I stripped the battery terminals and wired to a Beaver Fuse Box. Works perfect. Hope the waterproofing on the dials last. I purchased my bike used. It had the previous generation of heat troller installed. The dials didn't work that's the reason for the new purchase on these.

  2. Extended riding season 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Oct 2012

    There is that time of year when you realize that winter is not far away, Our 16 and 17c (62f) temperatures took a nose-dive yesterday, bringing frosty weather to Newfoundland Canada. Perfect day to try out my heated Jacket and pants liner for the first time.

    I had just replaced a faulty regulator and was also testing that out - no better way than to load it up and see how it performs.

    Bike: 2009 KLR650
    Stock stator/ after market regulator
    Previously installed Oxford heated grips.

    I wore a thin wool turtleneck under the snug-fitting jacket. You can barely tell you are wearing it - it is very lightweight. The pants fit like long-johns, and were a bit tight in the waist for me - I will put in a longer elastic cord to fix this, as they fit perfectly otherwise.

    I could feel the connector wires with my hands, and as the pants are form-fitting I could see them on the left hip as well. I was concerned that it may be uncomfortable under my riding pants.

    I then put on socks, Tourmaster riding pants, and Tourmaster Jacket - minus the attachable liner - as I wanted to test the heated gear without.

    The installation of the wiring harness and troller was super-easy - just removed my seat and side panels for access to the battery, removed the black (ground) wire first, then the hot (red) wire, attached the red end of the wiring harness to the red terminal, and the black to the black in that order. TIghtened the screws. I used a plastic tie rap to attach the female plug end so that it poked out from under the front of my seat.

    I have a dual remote control so before I turned the power on - I turned the red remote knob on and off three times (6 clicks) until it started flashing - while it as flashing I turned the power to the bike on and plugged in my liners.

    I started the bike (revving at 1.5/2k rpms) and put the Oxford grips on 100%, and both temperature controls on bust. I have a normal, stock headlight and that as on as well. I tested the battery and it was showing 13volts + so I was happy that my stator was supplying enough power to charge the battery with the extra gear on it.

    Took a ride in the near 0c (32f) weather (sunny though!) highway at 110kmph (66mph) and I was warm and comfortable. I didn't feel heat per say in any one area, I just felt comfortable and didn't feel the cold wind as it whipped by, except my chin and lower leg.

    Rode into town and climbed the highest elevation looking off cliffs to the ocean where the wind and cold are harshest - and I was still quite comfortable.

    On may way home, after the sun had set, and a few flurries were falling in town, I did feel a bit of a chill on a particularly windswept part of the highway. Even with the grips my fingers were cold - my chin was numb (full-face helmet) my toes were cold and my shins were chilly. If I were to ride in this cold/wind and speed for an extended period, I put my Tourmaster liners in as well, to help keep the dreaded wind out.

    I have done extended rides with many layers before - and was not nearly as warm as I was with the heated liners alone. I am excited to know that my riding season has just been extended! Wooohooooo.

    I am going to get the gloves and socks too. I didn't feel any pressure points, wires or anything else while riding.

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