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our new 12v heated base layer shirt.


At Warm and Safe Heated Gear we are always trying to improve our Products. We go out of our way to test everything in every possible condition. Sometimes the test happens spontaneously, and those are the best tests. I recently rode from Portland, OR, to Palm Springs and back. The last leg included about 125 miles of unplanned extreme cold weather riding... This ride turned out to be an extreme test ride for our new 12v heated base layer shirt.

October 5th, 2017
The 120 miles... from Susanville, CA to Mt Shasta City gains a lot of altitude. I left Susanville in the morning at 37 degrees.

Within several minutes of climbing the temp gage on my dash meter dropped alarmingly until it hit 24 degrees. It dropped to 21 degrees every time I went through shade. Fortunately it was dry, so no ice on the road. I averaged about 65 mph, so there was wind chill involved. I mostly ran the gloves at about 1/2 half to 3/4 power and the shirt about the same on my remote Duel Heat Troller. Once or twice I tried full power, but had to turn it down.

I wear an Aerostich suit with the base layer under it. In this case, I wore a thin layer over the shirt. The12v Warm and Safe Heat Layer Shirt is brilliant. It is not bulky and does not in any way interfere with range of motion. Paired with warm and safe heated gloves, it makes a splendid system. I have been riding for over 50 years, but do not believe I have ever ridden in temps so low. Frankly when I saw this on the meter, I almost turned back to wait for higher temps. However, I did not have to! In fact, I was just fine. I love this Garment and know you will too!

Victor--- Portland, OR