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7.4V Heated Base Layer & Stuff

We have been making Heated Clothing & Controllers for over 20 years and seen them used not only by motorcyclists but also by deep sea divers, pilots and by people just trying to stay warm. Hunting has been one area that many of our customers have tried to use their W&S heated liner. The problem is when you try to run a heated garment designed for 13V on a battery pack at 7.4V, you now only have the potential of 1/3rd the heat. On the other hand if you design a heated garment for 7.4V and then run it ay 13V, you can burn yourself up.

Until now. Our new Base Layer Heat-troller when used with our heated Base Layer has solved that issue. Now you can use the Heat Layer as your base layer on the motorcycle and them plug to a small 7.4Volt battery pack when off the bike. If you are a hunter that means you can be plugged to a car battery in a blind and then plug into our 7.4V battery pack and go walking around. And if you have no need for the multi-voltage option, then just buy it as a 7.4V heated Base Layer and enjoy the warmth while out in the woods. Hunting will never be so comfortable. Get the Heat Layer with long sleeves and 7 heat zones in the Men's and 10 heat zones in the Women's or the new T-shirt version with heat only in the chest and upper and lower back. This Heated Base Layer is designed with your active lifestyle in mind.

Don't be fooled by others claiming to run cheap 2200ma batteries for hours. Either there is little heat or it will not last long or more likely, they are lying. It's just science. 

Please look over our product line. Give us input. Correct us if we are making things wrong. Help us make great products for your needs.